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Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park

Few parks cover such a variety as Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park. 11 km east of Kristiansand you will find the most beautiful and natural Zoo and Amusement Park, with scenery and environment in abundance.

Useful information to make your visit better


You may buy tickets online or by the main entrance. You save NOK 50 per ticket by buying them online. Make sure to check our activity calendar prior to your visit, as the activity level varies throughout the year.

Pay with card or app

Most of our shops and restaurants only accept payment with credit card or our own app. If you only have cash you can exchange this for a gift card at Guest Services. Any remaining balance will be returned upon departure.

Free Wi-Fi

Connect to our free Wi-Fi Destinasjon Dyreparken while visiting us. If you need to borrow a power bank several of our shops offer this for a fee.



We have several different parking areas at our disposal. If you arrive with a camper please park at area P3. If you have a car with a foreign licence plate you will not be charged for parking. If you have a Norwegian registered car parking cost NOK 50 / NOK 100 per day depending on the time of the year. At the end of your visit you can pay at the payment machine located at each parking area.

Ringhalelemur med barn

How to translate our web page

Google Translate offers a function that translates any web page to your preferred language.

Here you will find our web page translated into English with the use of this function. You may change language at the top of the page. Please note that the translated text may not always be completely accurate.

Online booking is not available in English per today, but we accept all card payments using MasterCard/VISA.

You may also contact us by e-mail or phone to make a reservation through our booking office.


How to book tickets and accomodation

Entrance tickets and season cards can be purchased in the ticket booth by the main entrance. As you are unable to book online, we will include the online discount of NOK 50 per ticket when you purchase your tickets upon arrival.
Guests with disabilities who have a companion card issued from the county (“Ledsagerbevis”) have free entry for their companion(s). A new ticket must be collected each day for the companion if you are visiting us multiple days.
For questions about prices and activity levels on the day you will be visiting us, please send an email to post@dyreparken.no

We recommend purchasing tickets to our evening shows featuring Captain Sabertooth (Kaptein Sabeltann) and Circus Jasper (Sirkus Jesper) in advance, as these can be sold out.
Please send an email to post@dyreparken with the following information, and we will call you in our openings hours to make the payment by phone.
We will then need your credit card number, expiration date, and CVC-code (do NOT include that information in your email)
– Your name and contact information
– Which show and date you wish to book
– Number of persons ages 3 years and above*
– Which section/seats you wish to book**

* Children ages 0-2 have free entry for shows by sitting on an adult’s lap. The price per seat is the same for all persons ages 3 and above.
** See a map of the amphitheater here

Dyreparken Accommodations have five different locations to choose from:
Dyreparken Hotell (open all year)
Abra Havn – The pirate Hotel (Open Easter – Fall vacation)
Cardamom town (Open May – Fall vacation)
Dyreparken Safaricamp (Open June-August)
Roligheden Camping (Open June-August)

For selected periods, it is possible to book a package deal with accommodation and tickets for a discounted price, compared to the same products bought separately.
All package deals include accommodation and entrance tickets to BOTH the Zoo and Water Park, which are valid your entire stay.
E.g.: A one-night stay will generate a 2-day ticket.

During the summer, you may also purchase package deals that include accommodation, entrance tickets to Both Parks, and an evening show featuring either Captain Sabertooth or Circus Jasper.
Available package deals will vary based on your chosen accommodation and date for you stay. Send an email to post@dyreparken.no to check if there are package deals available.


Below, you will find a collection of the most common questions from our guests.

Yes, all the activities inside the parks are free once you’re inside. The only additional costs are for the games in the carnival area Båtbasaren and the games at KuToppen. If you would like to preorder tickets to a spesific departure with «Reisen gjennom Hakkebakkeskogen» or «Klatremustur» each ticket will cost NOK 50. This is of course optional, and these attractions will be free of charge if you do not preorder any tickets and queue up.

No, dogs and other animals are not allowed inside the Zoo or Water Park, but you can still make sure your dog is happy while you’re enjoying the day.

By the entrance to the large parking lot outside Dyreparken Hotel, you will find the Zoo’s kennel, where we can house 74 dogs. The cages have roofs, but you have to look after your dog yourself throughout the day.

After placing your dog in the cage, you have to make sure you get your hand stamped before leaving the Zoo again, so that you can go in and out to look after the dog. The Zoo is not responsible for your dog during your visit.

Eukanuba is the Zoo’s collaborator for dog food. When you get a key and lock in Guest Services, you also get a food bowl and 1 kilo of Eukanuba dog food.

Cage rental has a NOK 50 deposit and NOK 50 rental fee, and you will get your deposit back when you return the key at the end of the day. The cages cannot be reserved and follow the principle of “first come, first serve”.

You can bring your own food to the Zoo and the Water Park, and we have several benches and outside tables where you can enjoy your food.

Remember that barbequing is not allowed in the Zoo, Water Park or parking lots.


Yes, by the main entrance, there are luggage deposit boxes. NOK 20 for a bigger box, and NOK 10 for a smaller box.

We can offer both manual and electric wheelchairs. Wheelchairs can be reserved in advance, just call the Guest Services at +47 97 05 97 00 and press 1.

You pay NOK 400 when you get the wheelchair, and you will get NOK 200 back when you return the wheelchair along with the receipt, before closing. For year-round ticket holders, you only pay a NOK 200 deposit, which you get back when you return the wheelchair.

Smoking is prohibited in the Zoo and the Water Park, except for some specific areas. These are clearly marked in our map, and at the relevant location. 

We do not rent out swimming outfits or towels, but you can buy one in the Water Park.

Yes, but the outside pools will be closed if there is lightning and thunder. If we experience few visitors, the number of open eateries may be reduced.


Where would you like to stay during your visit?

Abra Harbour

Stay in a themed pirate village! Open from Easter until mid October.

Julius Forest

Stay in a mini-cabin in the forest. Open from middle of May until late August.

Cardamom Town

Stay in the heart of Cardamom Town. Open from May until mid October.

Dyreparken Hotel

Stay at our hotel, right by the main entrance. Open from January until mid December.

Roligheden Camping

Stay at our campsite located in Kristiansand downtown. Open from May until mid September.

Looking for a job?

All our vacancies are posted here. We only accept applications submitted through the application form connected to each vacancy. Please note that all our employees need to be fluent in Norwegian or other Scandinavian language in order to be able to communicate with our Norwegian guests.

We do not cover the costs you may have travelling to interviews or training. Neither are we able to provide living facilities. Kristiansand is a popular summer town, and it may be difficult and expensive to find and rent apartments or houses.

If you have any questions please contact jobb@dyreparken.no.

Terms and conditions

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