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ENGLISH: Abra Havn – The pirate hotel

The pirate hotel Abra Havn is just a cannonball shot away from the Dyreparken Zoo. Enjoy being a part of the story and not just a spectator!

FAQ: The Pirate Hotel Abra Havn

Abra Havn is located next to the Gras Sea, right by the Zoo, 14 km east of downtown Kristiansand. Take exit 87 off Highway 18, and follow the signs for Dyreparken/Høvåg Øst and IKEA to get to Abra Havn.

Parking is free of charge for guests in Abra Havn, in the assigned parking spots, up until check-out. You will need a parking slip, which will be handed out at check-in. The parking slip will let you park for free outside the Zoo on the day of your departure from Abra Havn.

Yes, bedding and towels are included for everyone who are staying in the pirate shack. We make the bottom bunk bed, and put out the rest for the top bunks and the pull out sofa.

Tickets to the Zoo or the Water Park are only included in the stay if you buy one of our package deals.

During shoulder seasons (Easter vacation, weekends, long weekends, etc.), packet deals will also be available that include hotel stay and combo tickets, and possible tickets to shows. Look for the tab “Pakker og årskort” for further information.

If you want to guarantee being neighbours during your stay, or choose where you want to stay (restricted to the type of shack you’ve ordered), contact us at +47 97 05 97 00 (press 2, then 1). There is NOK 295 fee per shack that you wish to reserve.

Unfortunately, pets or animals of any kind are not allowed inside the shacks or Abra Havn in general.

The Zoo operates with different seasons during the year. To view the programme for when you are visiting, click here.

We have baby cribs with all the bedding for rental, with pricing varying from season to season. You can book a crib when you make your reservation.

If you have already made a reservation and wish to book a crib, just go to the booking, and add your reference number under “Tilleggsbestilling”.


Check-in is from 3pm on arrival day.

Check-out is no later than 11 am on departure day. If you are going to the Zoo (summer), then remember to bring your parking slip to have free parking in P1, P2 and P3. These slips are available in the reception at check-in.

Cleaning is included in the price, but before you leave, please do the following:
* Put on the dishwasher
* Dispose of trash in the trashcans that are outside the shacks.

There is always someone in the reception, so you can come by at all hours during your stay.

If you wish to make your own food, we have some groceries available in the pirate pub Den Sorte Mann: Freshly made bread and rolls, a variety of spreads, as well as products that can be made using the kitchen appliances in the shacks. We also have baby food, which is free for our guests.

In addition to our selection of groceries, eateries in Abra Havn, Dyreparken Hotel, the Zoo and Water Park, there are many restaurants and grocery stores at Sørlandssenteret and in Sørlandsparken, only a short drive from Abra Havn (1.5 km, 15 minute walk). There are also other shopping opportunities here.

There are microwave oven, two cooking tops with grilling function, a refrigerator, kettle, coffee press, pots, cups and utensils.


Train: Get off at Kristiansand Station. Right outside, you will find taxi and busses. Go to www.nsb.no for more information.

Bus from downtown Kristiansand: Use route 100, M1 or 01. For bus schedules, go to www.akt.no.

Bus from Oslo and Stavanger: From Oslo the bus stops by the Zoo. From Stavanger the bus stops at Scandic Hotel Sørlandet (located on the other side of the highway across from the Zoo). For bus schedules, go to www.akt.no.

Bus from Arendal: Bus 100 stops by the Zoo on the its way to Kristiansand, and by Scandic Hotel Sørlandet on its way to Arendal. For bus schedules, go to www.akt.no.

Plane: Kristiansand Airport Kjevik is located 11 km from Abra Havn.

You can read about the conditions for booking a hotel stay in Abra Havn here.

For cancellations made more than 30 days prior to the arrival date, there is a NOK 250 fee per shack/apartment.
For cancellations made between 30 and 15 days prior to the arrival date, 50% of the amount you have paid will be refunded.
For cancellations made less than 15 days prior to the arrival date, there will be no refund.

Packet and campaigns
For packets and campaigns, the conditions below follow:

1. A) Packets and campaigns including overnight stay and dated show tickets, cannot be cancelled or be refunded. The only exception is if the cancellation is made by the organiser. Show tickets cannot be changed. The hotel stay may be changed up to 30 days prior to the arrival date, for a NOK 250 fee.
2. B) Packets and campaigns including overnight stay and entrance tickets to the Zoo/Water Park, cannot be cancelled or be refunded. The hotel stay may be changed up to 30 days prior to the arrival date, for a NOK 250 fee. Any additional cost will be added. Packets are sold at a limited amount, in a limited time and shack categories, and any changes presupposes availability.

Welcome to Abra Havn

Abra Havn is located next to the Gras Sea, right by the Zoo, 14 km east of downtown Kristiansand. Follow the sign towards Dyreparken/Høvåg Øst and IKEA, to get to Abra Havn.
Exit numer 87 from Highway 18.
GPS coordinates: Latitude 58 11’ 17,9’ Longitude: 8 9’ 4,6’

All accomodation guests in Abra Havn have free parking from the moment you arrive until check-out. After check-out, you may park free-of-charge in all the Zoos parkeing lots. NB! Remember to register your licence plate number upon arrival in the reception, to activate your free parking period.

If you wish to stay in a specific apartment or location, call us at +47 97 05 97 00 (press 2, then 1), on weekdays between 9 am and 4 pm (wishes are restricted to the locations of your chosen shack category). There is a NOK 295 fee for reserving a specific shack. NB: You can reserve a shack up to 2 weeks prior to your arrival.

• Check-in is from 3 pm, but please let us know if you will be arriving later than 7 pm.
• Bedding and towels will be ready inside the shack, and is included in the price.
• All the bottom bunk beds will be made up, and bedding for the top bunks will be placed on top and the pull-out sofa.
• The reception is open 24/7 all weekends, as well as Easter, Summer and Autumn vacations.
• Pets are not allowed inside the shacks or Abra Havn in general.
• Smoking is prohibited inside the village walls of Abra Havn.

  • Guests in Abra Havn are at all times free to explore Valdemar’s abandoned ship, the Saragossa, and the Death Skull, and become a real pirate by solving all the treasure hunt assignments.
  • Begin your day with pirates at 8 am (Saturdays and Sundays, vacations and every day in the summer season).
  • Stand at the ready on the King’s Square for a proper pirate morning. Every morning, Abra Havn wakes up by the hustle and bustle of pirates singing and dancing. And of course, the flag has to be raised. A perfect start of a new pirate day!
  • Pirates will arrive from 6pm, so keep a lookout in the streets and alleys, as they search for possible spies and scoundrels! Afterwards, the children can take part in a pirate evening of fun and surprises (Friday and Saturday night, vacations and every day during the summer season).

Staying in Abra Havn is something young and old can look forward to, and many come with many expectations when they arrive at the pirate capital of the world. We wish that you arrive the Pirate Hotel Abra Havn with the right expectations. During weekends (from Friday night to Sunday morning), vacations, and during the summer season, you are guaranteed to meet pirates during your stay. Although Captain Sabertooth is the protector of the village, we emphasize that we can never promise the arrival of the Captain himself – but be on the lookout! His men are quick to appear when dawn breaks in Abra Havn.

The Zoo is open every day of the year. What is open inside the park vary depending on the season. The Water Park is open between Easter vacation and fall vacation.

If you are hungry after a long day of traveling or walking in the Zoo, you can fill up on delicious pizza, soups, or a bountiful buffet! Opening hours and available dishes may vary from weekdays to weekends and vacations.

Real pirates demand options! We can offer: Breakfast with pirates (limited seating), breakfast buffet, breakfast provisions, or you can bring your own food. All the pirate shacks are equipped with a small kitchen, with stovetops (no oven), a microwave oven, and an electric kettle. There is also a cafetiére in every pirate shack.

Next to the reception, there is a small kiosk, with a selection of snacks and souvenirs, open all day and night (we only accept credit cards at night). We also have a selection of spreads, juice, milk, etc. The selection varies according to the season.

Check-out is no later than 11 am on the day of your departure.
Cleaning is included in your stay, but we ask all our guests to:
• Put on the dishwasher (place large plates on the sides or lying down)
• Place garbage in the trash cans located outside the shacks
• Remember to empty the refrigerator and cupboards for food before you leave

We are really looking forward to welcome you to the Pirate Capital of the world!

Remember a toothbrush to brush those pirate teeth!

Heave ho, Mateys!