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Terms and conditions

• Terms for online booking at dyreparken.no
• Booking confirmation
• Validity
• Terms for accommodation
• Warranties
• Right of withdrawal / cancellations
• Proviso
• Force majeure
• Privacy policy
• Information about cookies

The document was last updated 20.08.2020

What has changed the last 12 months?
– Updated cancellation policy for our package deals (August 20th 2020)
– Stated that an invocie can not be payed by using a giftcard from Dyreparken (August 20th 2020)
– Removed information about breakfast beeing included when staying at Dyreparken Hotell (August 20th 2020)
– Updated information regarding when breakfast is not included at Dyreparken Hotell (October 25th 2019)
– Precision regarding terms for season tickets for children ages 0-2 (September 6th 2019)



Kristiansand Dyrepark AS is the technical manager of bookings made at Dyreparken.no

• You must be 18 years old to order online
• You are responsible for using correct information, e.g. correctly spelled names, addresses, email address, or phone number. Fees may occur to cover costs as a consequence of wrong information.
• Dyreparken is not liable for orders that due to technical difficulties do not reach Dyreparken.
• Otherwise Norwegian laws and regulations apply

Ordering using credit card
When a booking is confirmed, the credit card is approved and the entire sum will be charged immediately. Our online booking accepts Visa, MasterCard and Diners.

Ordering using invoice
If you wish to pay using an invoice, we offer Afterpay Faktura and Afterpay Delbetaling, in collaboration with Arvato Finanse AS. Read more here.
The invoice will be issued by email and you have 14 day payment deadline. Arvato Finance AS is responsible for following up payments. Note that your email address has to be correct since invoices are issued by email.

With Delbetaling (paying in installments), you can divide the payment for a number of months. You pay a fixed price each month until the sum is paid in its entirety. You can at any time pay the entire sum left without being charged extra fees.
With “Afterpay Konto” you can divide up your payment. Read more here.
You can also find your invoice and divide the payment by logging in to www.myafterpay.no
You have to be 18 years old to order with Afterpay, and be a registered citizen in Norway, and approved in the credit check that is run simultaneously with your order.

It is not possible to pay the invoice using a giftcard from Dyreparken.

In the case of delayed payments, a payment reminder and/or a collection notice will be issued, and government regulated fees be added. If payments are still not made, the invoice will be forwarded to a collections office and further fees will accrue.
NB! Ordering using invoice follows the same terms and conditions as with other payment methods.

Will be issued by email.

Confirmation for tickets
You will receive one or two emails from us. If you order tickets to the present or following day, you will receive one email confirmation and one email containing tickets.
If your visit takes place in the future, you will only receive an email with confirmation.
Tickets can be downloaded as mobile tickets or PDF-files on your My Page (“Min Side”) at www.dyreparken.no/logg-inn/. Your confirmation contains a step-by-step instruction.

Confirmation for season tickets
You will receive an email with booking confirmation and other practical information regarding the season tickets you have purchased. Do not delete the confirmation email, as this is considered a receipt.

Confirmation for accommodation
Immediately following your booking, a confirmation for accommodation will be issued by email.
Note: Minimum age 18 years old to book a stay.
Upon receiving the confirmation, the renter is responsible for checking that the date and room type is correct.

Not received an email confirmation?
If you do not receive an email confirmation immediately following your purchase, please check your spam folder.

Tickets to the Zoo / Water Park
Tickets to the parks are valid only for the dates you have chosen during the booking process. Multiple-day tickets are always valid consecutive days. Tickets can be upgrader/changed to other dates the same year on My Page (Min Side) or in the ticket booths / Guest Services for a fee. By changing multiple-day tickets forward in time, we always change the first day of the ticket, and the remaining days will be valid for the consecutive days following the new date. Upgrading to an additional day will always mean a consecutive day.

It is important that you treat your online ticket as a security paper, and make sure it is not copied or printed multiple times. If Dyreparken has reason to believe misuse/forgery has taken place, e.g. copying tickets, you may be asked to show ID. We therefore ask you to bring your payment card or other valid photo ID to the Park. Entrance tickets are personal, and one entrance ticket cannot be used by multiple persons.

Even if you always can print a new copy of the ticket, you may be refused entry if someone else has used your ticket to enter earlier in the day. The ticket thus is only valid for the number of times/days specified on the ticket. Any attempt of misuse/forging tickets will be considered as document forgery and be reported to the police.

If you have received a ticket marked “Invitert” or “Samarbeidspartner”, please note that these cannot be sold, as they are free tickets.

Season tickets
Season tickets to the Zoo and Amusement Park is valid an unlimited number of times between January 1st to December 31st in the year you have booked for.
Summer season tickets to the Water Park is valid an unlimited number of times between June 15th and August 15th.
Season tickets for “Both Parks” can be used an unlimited number of times to both the Zoo (January 1st to December 31st) and Water Park (April 3rd to October 11th).
Check our openings hours, as we operate with different opening hours throughout the year, with varying number of attractions, stores, and eateries open.

Season tickets are personal and may only be used by the owner of the card. Any misuse of season tickets will be lead to a cancellation of the card in the current year, and may in some cases lead to police charges. The season ticket will not be refunded.
Each season ticket holder must have their own season ticket, which also applies to children ages 0-2 years old. By purchasing a season ticket up until the day before the child turns 3 years old, will warrant a free season ticket for the rest of the year.

Forgotten season ticket
If you forget your season ticket, please contact the ticket booth or Guest Services when you arrive to receive an entrance ticket for NOK 30 per forgotten ticket. Only possible by showing photo ID.

Lost season ticket
If you lose your season ticket, please contact the ticket booth or Guest Services upon arrival. There is a NOK 50 fee to print a new season ticket. Only possible by showing photo ID.

Shows / Experiences
Tickets to shows and other experiences are only valid for the day they have been purchased. Tickets can be changed for a fee up until 7 days before the originally booked date.

Additional orders
Additional orders are only valid for the date they have been purchased. They can mostly be changed for another day up until 1 day before the original date, but may be depended on a main products. Check your My Page (Min Side) for exact dates.

The rental price in Abra Havn includes:
* Use of the apartment and its facilities/equipment, any entertainment in Abra Havn, and end-of-stay-cleaning
* The apartment must be tidied and any dishes placed in the dishwasher and active. Fees for extra cleaning may apply if these steps are not made.
* Towels and sheets/bedding is included.
* All lower bunk beds will be made before arrival, and sheets for top bunks and pullout couch will be placed on the bed.
* Free parking

The rental price in Cardamom Town includes:
* Bedding/sheets, parking spot, trolley, and end-of-stay cleaning, in addition to full use of the house and its facilities/equipment during your stay.
* Entertainment (tickets to the show «Sirkus Jesper» during its playing period) and a simple robber’s breakfast is included in July.
* We expect the house to be tidies and dishes to be washed and placed in the cabinets. Failure to do so may lead to extra cleaning fees.
* Free parking

NB! All accommodation guests in Cardamom Town must have tickets to the Park valid from the day you arrive and the entire day you check out.

The rental price at Dyreparken Hotell includes:
* Wifi
* Free Parking
* End-of-stay cleaning

The rental price at Dyreparken Safaricamp includes:
2-/4-bed tents without bathroom and 6-bed tent with bathroom:
* Wifi
* Free parking
* Sheets and towels
* End-of-stay cleaning
* Heater

6-bed tent with bathroom and water view:
* Wifi
* Free Parking
* Sheets, towels, ready-made beds
* End-of-stay cleaning
* Heater

The rental price at Roligheden Camping includes:
* Full use of the rented pitch site and its facilities/equipment during your stay. Electricity may be purchased separately, and there are water pumps located across the camp site.
* Access to shared facility with toilets. Shower possible for a fee.
* Access to a changing room for children.
* Access to a shared kitchen facility
* Free Wifi
* Free parking in the Zoo’s parking areas

Cannot be combined. Discounts are not applicable for existing booking.

Smoking policy
All apartments/rooms/houses/tents and indoors facilities in Abra Havn, Cardamom Town, Dyreparken Hotell and Dyreparken Safaricamp are smoke free areas. Violation of this will lead to a NOK 500 charge for extra cleaning.
In Cardamom Town – the world’s first smoke-free town – indoor smoking is also prohibited. The entire area inside the town walls is smoke free.
At Dyreparken Hotell, there is a designated smoking area outside the hotel entrance, and outside the bar on the lower floor. Smoking is not allowed on the balconies.
Smoking is not allowed inside the tents or anywhere on area in the Safaricamp.
Smoking is not allowed inside the glamping tents at Roligheden Camping. Please be considerate of other guests when smoking elsewhere at Roligheden.

Dyreparken Hotel have rooms where pets are allowed, for a NOK 200 fee. This may be purchased online or by phone. In Abra Havn and Cardamom Town, pets are not allowed anywhere on the premises or inside the houses/apartments. Dogs are not allowed in the glamping tents at Roligheden Camping or anywhere on the Safaricamp area or inside the tents.
At Roligheden Camping, pets are otherwise allowed on the premises.

Check-in and check-out at Dyreparken Hotel, Abra Havn, Cardamom Town and Dyreparken Safaricamp:
Check-in from 3pm
Check-out by 11am

Guests who are visiting the Zoo/Water Park on their day of departure may park for free at the Zoo’s parking lots by registering their registration number in the reception area.

Check-in and check-out at Roligheden Camping:
Check-in from 1pm for tents/caravans and 3pm for rented tents/cabins in the reception at Roligheden camping.
Check-out by 11am for rentet tents/cabins, and by 12 for tents/caravan pitch sites.

Room allocation
Upon ordering multiple rooms, we try to the best of ability to get these as close as possible.
In Abra Havn: You can choose a specific apartment within your category or a location by calling +47 97059700 (press 2). You can make a request for free or guarantee a location for NOK 295 per apartment. Must be booked at least 14 days prior to your stay.
Allocation of unspecified apartments within your category will not be disclosed until check-in.

We may demand a NOK 2000 deposit per room for schools, groups or other large groups. The deposit must be paid along with the bill for the stay, and will be refunded no more than 2 weeks after departure, if there are no damages to the room.
Note that there are special conditions for schools, sports groups and large groups, which the group leader must sign and hand in upon check-in.

Renter’s responsibilities
The renter is obligated to respect rules of conduct in all accommodation locations. The renter is fully responsible for the room’s inventory. Any damages or losses caused by the renter will be billed upon departure. The person who made the booking, is also responsible for all damages caused by the other guests in their booking. The apartment must not house more persons than what is specified in the booking. A person over 18 years old must be present during the entire stay.

All complaints must be brought to our attention immediately, either to the accommodation receptions, or Guest Services by the main entrance. Any claims for refunds must be sent in writing within 7 days of departure.

The Norwegian Cancellation Act, chapter 6, section 22, addresses the limitations of the Cancellation Act. Point m states that the right to cancel does not apply for “the provision of accommodation services for purposes other than housing, goods-transport services, car-rental services, catering services and services relating to leisure activities when the contract stipulates a specific date or specific period when such services are to be provided.” This includes e.g. cinema-, concert- or airplane tickets, and all our products are covered here. In these cases, our other cancellation terms apply.

Cancellation terms
You may cancel online products and season tickets within 24 hours from purchase on My Page (Min Side), if they have not yet been used. If you wish to change a Both Parks ticket to only a Zoo ticket (downgrade), you must cancel the ticket within 24 hours and order a new one.

Tickets to shows can also be cancelled within 24 hours from purchase on My Page, or within 6pm if you order tickets to a show the same day. Beyond that there are no cancellations or refunds, expect if the organizer cancels. Unused tickets that date backwards, are non-refundable, even within the 24 hour limit.

All accommodations, including our package deals, may also be cancelled within 24 hours on My Page.

Cancellations more than 30 days before arrival: Full refund minus NOK 250 fee for hotel stays / 500 NOK for package including entrance tickets / NOK 750 for package including both entrance tickets and tickets for one of our evening shows
Cancellations 15-30 days before arrival: 50% of the purchase sum refunded
Cancellations less than 15 days before arrival: No refunds

These terms apply to all our accommodation locations: Abra Havn, Dyreparken Hotell, Cardamom Town, Dyreparken Safaricamp, and Roligheden Camping.

Upon booking stays at Dyreparken Hotel which are not prepaid, your reservation will be held until 3pm, and cancelled after this is you do not contact us at +47 38146400 to secure your reservation by providing your credit card information.

Kristiansand Dyrepark AS/Dyreparken Overnatting AS/Dyreparken Hotell AS are not responsible for unsatisfactory weather conditions, closed facilities, and other conditions beyond our control.

Shows that must be cancelled due to severe lightning and thunder, and other unforeseen circumstances, are outside our control. If the organizer cancels the show, tickets will be refunded following more information.

We reserve the right for spelling errors or any price adjustments.
Pictures of our products and services are illustrative and may deviate from the actual product.

If there occurs typos of significance from the Zoo, in ads, on the website, etc., which deviate significantly from the normal sales price, the Zoo may unilaterally change, delete or reject orders. If a product proves to be sold out, but still available online (double booking) at www.dyreparken.no, the Zoo may delete or reject the order. This also applied is the customer has received an order confirmation, etc. However, the error must be fixed within reasonable time once it has been detected.

Kristiansand Dyrepark AS/Dyreparken Overnatting AS/Dyreparken Hotell may cancel or interrupt an accommodation due to force majeure, which may occur in case of war, riots, strikes, lockout, oil and fuel rationings, border closing, epidemics, natural and climate disasters, or similar events.

In case of force majeure, the Zoo is obligated to inform the renter immediately. The renter will in these cases not have rights for refunds or compensations.

Information about our privacy policies can be found in Norwegian at www.dyreparken.no/personvern