Dyreparken (Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park)

• Are the activities inside the parks free of charge? 
Yes, all the activities inside the parks are free once you’re inside. The only additional costs are for the games in the carnival area Båtbasaren and the games at KuToppen. If you would like to preorder tickets to a spesific departure with "Reisen gjennom Hakkebakkeskogen" or "Klatremustur" each ticket will cost NOK 40. If you would like to preorder tickets to a specific tour at Hakkebakkeskogen Movie Studio, each ticket will cost NOK 30. This is of course optional, and these attractions will be free of charge if you do not preorder any tickets and queue up. 

• Are roller skates, skateboards, scooters, Segways, etc., allowed inside the Park? 
For the safety of our guests, these are not allowed.

• What general rules apply?  
- Bicycles, scooters, roller skates and skateboards are not allowed due to the safety of other guests. 
- It is prohibited to bring dogs or other animals inside the Park. 
- Barbequing is prohibited due to fire hazard, and this rule applies to the Zoo, the Water Park, Abra Havn, and all the parking lots. We do not rent out disposable grills, but we do have a variety of eateries. 
- Smoking is prohibited inside the Zoo, Water Park and Abra Havn. There are designated areas for smoking (by the cheetahs, the Nile, the car tracks, in the back by KuToppen, and by the landing pool to Superspeed in the Water Park). 
- Non-regulation behaviour will be reason to be escorted out without a refund on your ticket. 
- The safety of our guests in the attractions is our employees’ top priority. Safety regulations for each attraction must be followed. Remember that children must be 10 years or older to venture on their own in the Water Park. 
- Due to bad weather, the Zoo and Water Park may have to close some activities, shops and eateries. 
- In the winter, sledding boards are allowed if there is snow.

• Do you offer gluten free food? 
Yes, several of our eateries offer gluten free food. Read more about that and other food offers here.

• Do you have luggage deposit boxes? 
Yes, by the main entrance, there are luggage deposit boxes. NOK 20 for a bigger box, and NOK 10 for a smaller box. 

• Do you have baby care rooms? 
There are several baby care rooms inside the Park. In several eateries, you can also get free baby food from Nestlè.

Baby care rooms can be found here: 
- Cardamom Town
- Byparken Kiosk (right outside Cardamom Town) 
- Kjuttaviga Vertshus (eatery in the middle of the Park)
- Eventyrskogen (eatery by the south entrance) 
- The Tiger-area
- Vaffelstua (Waffel house) 
- Ape jungle 
- Babyhuset
- Guest Services (located outside of the main entrance)

The baby food producer Nestlè provide free baby food jars for all our guests with babies. These can be found at some of our eateries, e.g. Soko Mat and Gorines Pizza.

• What if my child gets lost? 
Contact the first employee you see, so that we can help reunite you with your child. During busy times, you can also contact the first aid station by the carnival area Båtbasaren.

It is a good idea to “mark” your child with the phone number of a parent or guardian. The Guest Services and ticket booths sell bracelets that you can write your phone number on.

• What kind of food do you offer?
For further information, follow this link: 

Opening hours for the different places can be found on the Activities calendar.

• If we have lost something, what do we do? 
Unfortunately, most lost items are never collected or claimed. If you lose something in the parks, we recommend you to contact us immediately (within 14 days) and provide the date for you visit.

All lost items are registered by the date they are brought in, and is kept at Guest Services by the main entrance. All items of value are sent to the Kristiansand police department two times a year, approximately March 15th and August 30th. All other items are kept for 14 days and then collected and sorted. Trinkets are thrown away, while clothes, shoes, toys, etc. are sent to orphanages (usually in Brazil).

Send a request to post@dyreparken.no or call +47 97 05 97 00 and press 1 if you are missing an item after visiting us. 

• Where can I find information about Abra Havn? 
Information regarding Abra Havn can be found here

• How can I reserve wheelchair seating for the Captain Sabertooth-show? 
There are limited seating for wheelchair users at the show, so please contact us as soon as possible if you would like to order one of these.

To order wheelchair seating, contact Guest Services by calling +47 97 05 97 00 (press 1).   

• Can I buy merchandise from the Zoo that are not available online? 
Yes, you can! There are two alternatives:

1. Visit the store by the main entrance and buy the itmens there.

2. Buy a product in the online store that cost the same and has the approximate same size/weight, and specify that you wish another product (remember to check for the comment when you pay). Before you do this, make sure that we have the product in stock.

For questions about this, send an email to varesalg@dyreparken.no

• Can I rent a stroller?
We rent out both single strollers and twin strollers, NOK 400 for twin and NOK 350 for single. You will get NOK 200 back when you return the stroller along with a receipt, before closing. NB: Strollers cannot be reserved.

• Can I rent a wheelchair? 
We can offer both manual and electric wheelchairs. The amount of wheelchairs available for rent may vary according to the different seasons. Wheelchairs can be reserved in advance, just call the Guest Services at +47 97 05 97 00 and press 1.

You pay NOK 200 when you get the wheelchair, and you will get NOK 100 back when you return the wheelchair along with the receipt, before closing. For year-round ticket holders, you only pay a NOK 100 deposit, which you get back when you return the wheelchair.

• Can I rent a trolley?
During the high season and early/late summer, there is a manned trolley rental just inside the entrance. This costs NOK 70, whereof NOK 20 will be returned when you return the trolley, along with the receipt before closing. 
NB: Trolleys cannot be reserved.

Some trolleys are reserved guests staying in Cardamom Town.

During the winter months, there is no manned rental. A certain number of trolleys will be in the park for free use.

• Are dogs or other pets allowed inside the parks? 
No, dogs and other animals are not allowed inside the Zoo or Water Park, but you can still make sure your dog is happy while you’re enjoying the day.

By the entrance to the large parking lot outside Dyreparken Hotel, you will find the Zoo’s kennel, where we can house 74 dogs. The cages have roofs, but you have to look after your dog yourself throughout the day.

After placing your dog in the cage, you have to make sure you get your hand stamped before leaving the Zoo again, so that you can go in and out to look after the dog. The Zoo is not responsible for your dog during your visit.

Eukanuba is the Zoo’s collaborator for dog food. When you get a key and lock in Guest Services, you also get a food bowl and 1 kilo of Eukanuba dog food. 
Cage rental has a NOK 100 deposit, which you get back when you return the key at the end of the day. The cages cannot be reserved and follow the principle of “first come, first serve”.

For questions, call the Guest Services at +47 97 05 97 00 (press 1)

• Is it possible to barbeque inside the Zoo or Water Park? 
Do due fire hazard, barbequing in the parks is prohibited.

This is also the case for the parking lots. We do not rent out disposable grills, but we do offer a variety of eateries. During winter season we arrange a common bonfire in the area Nordic Wilderness.  

• Can we bring our own food? 
Yes, of course! You can bring your own food to the Zoo and the Water Park, and we have several benches and tables outside where you can enjoy your food.

Remember that barbequing is not allowed in the Zoo, Water Park or parking lots.

• When it snows, can we bring sledding boards? 

• Is it possible to withdraw money inside the park? 
You can withdraw money at almost all of the shops and the ticket booths. There is also an ATM by Laumanns Lager in Kjuttaviga.

• Does parking cost anything for the Zoo, the Water Park, Abra Havn or Dyreparken Hotel? 
During part of the year, there is a NOK 80 fee per day for parking. During the rest of the year, parking is free for everyone. Year-round ticket holders park free of charge all year round. There are a few reserved spaces for electric cars at two of the parking lots where you can charge for free. Parking overnight with a car, RV or buss is prohibited.

NB: Barbequing is prohibited in the parking lots.

Reserved a hotel stay? 
Parking is included in a hotel stay in Abra Havn, Cardamom Town and Dyreparken Hotel. You will get a validated parking slip at the reception where you check in (in Abra Havn for Abra Havn/Cardamom Town guests, and at Dyreparken Hotel for hotel guests). 

Parking areas for hotel guests: 
Cardamom Town: By the main entrance (P2). 
Abra Havn: Outside the reception in Abra Havn.
Dyreparken Hotel: Outside the hotel, the reserved parking spots are marked in red. 

Handicap parking: 
There are some handicap parking spots, located right outside the main entrance area (P2) and in front of Dyreparken Hotel. 

These parking lots are available close to the park: 
1: South exit (P1): Parking lot by the South exit. 
2: Main entrance (P2): Parking lot outside the Guest Services/Dyreparken Hotel. 
3: South side of Highway 18, by Sørlandets Travpark (horse racing track) (P3): When P1 and P2 are full, visitors will be directed here. 
4/5: On extra busy days, visitors will be directed to park inside the racing track, by Sørlandshallen or by Epona Ryttersenter. Shuttelbusses leaving every 10 minutes will be scheduled from the Epona Ryttersenter.

• I would like to download a picture (from the Nile, JungelBob, Hakkebakkeskogen or Murre in the Water Park) with a code I purchased in the park. How can I do that? 
Just log on to www.picsolve.com/dyreparken. Enter the picture reference number from the receipt. The image will then appear. Register as a user to download and share images.

The picture has to be downloaded within 20 days – after that, the image will be deleted and you cannot download it.

For further assistance, contact help@picsolve.com

• Where can I find information about vacancies? 
Go to our website www.dyreparken.no/jobb. 
This page will always be updated on information regarding available summer jobs and other vacancies.