FAQ: Badelandet (The Water Park)

• Are there many lifeguards? 
Yes, there are many lifeguards in the Water Park. They have all gone through a first aid class and received proper training in CPR. The life guards work on rotation, so there can be up to 10 life guards present at once, depending on weather conditions and number of visitors.

All children under the age of 10 require supervision from someone over 18 years old. Parents/guardians must look after their children from the second they come and until they leave. This also applies to children over 10 years old who do not know how to swim.

• Are we allowed to swim in the Gras Sea? 
No, only the pool areas are safe from the pirate ships and ghosts that haunt their treasures.The only exception is Stranda/the Beach. 

• Are we allowed to bring dogs or other pets inside the Water Park? 
No, but the Zoo’s Kennel is located right on the parking lot not far from the main entrance. A key and padlock to a dog cage can be picked up at Guest Services. These can not be reserved, and there is a NOK 100 deposit for locks.

• Can we bring our own parasol? 
Due to safety reasons, you cannot bring your own parasol, as we do not wish a sudden gust of wind to whisk it away.

• Are there separate safety rules in the Water Park? 
Yes, and you can read more about them here

• Are there changing rooms in the Water Park? 
Yes! For more information about how you can rent these, check out this link: http://www.dyreparken.no/Badelandet/Om-Badelandet/Garderober/

• Is it possible to make cash withdrawals in the Water Park? 
All shops and eateries can make cash withdrawals, and do not require that you to buy anything. Bank cards are accepted almost everywhere in the Water Park (Visa, AMEX, Diners, Master/Euro).

• Is the Water Park open even when it rains?
Yes, but the outside pools will be closed if there is lightning and thunder. If we experience few visitors, the number of open eateries may be reduced. 

• Can I smoke inside the Water Park area? 
Smoking is prohibited in the Water Park, except for one smoking area at the end of the Superspeed. This is a clearly marked area.

• Can I bring a disposable grill? 
Due to fire hazard, these are not allowed inside the area or in the parking lots.

• Are there enough lounge beds for everybody? 
Unfortunately, we can not guarantee a lounge bed for all our guests when they come to visit. That is why we ask families to not occupy more beds than what they need.

• Can I rent a swimming outfit? 
We do not rent out swimming outfits, but you can buy one in the Water Park.

• Can I rent a towel? 
We do not rent out towels, but you can buy one in the Water Park.


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